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Laysan Albatross research, Guadalupe Island, Mexico


Our goal is simple--to help you successfully navigate your project's individual environmental requirements and provide you with superior and practical solutions. Through our experiences working alongside contractors, consultants, agencies, and researchers-- we are adept at succesfully handling complicated situations. Halcyon's passion for what we do directly translates to making every decision the right one for you and your project, while preserving and protecting natural resources. 

Thorne's Hairstreak, Chula Vista, CA

  Services Provided

  • General and sensitive species focused habitat assessments
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Focused rare plant surveys and avoidance management
  • Habitat restoration monitoring and management
  • Point-intercept transects, quadrat vegetation sampling
  • Nesting bird surveys, monitoring, and compliance management
  • Avian point counts 
  • Threatened and endangered species presence/absence surveys
  • USFWS 15 day protocol survey notification and associated 45-day report
  • Herpetofauna pitfall trapping, surveys, handling, and relocations
  • Sensitive species and general construction compliance monitoring
  • Species specific clearance surveys
  • Pre-construction focused surveys 
  • Mitigation, Monitoring, Compliance Reporting Program (MMCRP) management and implementation
  • Environmental compliance reporting
  • Biological technical reports
  • Noise/acoustic monitoring and sampling

Halcyon has a strong network of professionals specializing in various environmental discipline which allows us to accommodate your individual environmental requirements. We tailor our services and compose the best possible team for your project's success. Give us a call at (858) 848-0368 to learn more about our capabilities.


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Tufted Puffin, Kodiak Island, Alaska

Red diamond rattlesnake, Santa Ysabel, CA

Prionus root borer larvae, Potrero, CA

Prionus root borer larvae, Potrero, CA


Round-tailed ground squirrel, Zzyzx, CA